Mindful Pilates

Balance, Posture, Breathing

Learning and Practicing Pilates

In-person and live-streaming mindful exercise classes. Super fun and accessible.

Check out the classes we offer below.

Open Pilates

Classic mat pilates but more fun.

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Pilates on the Beach

Only available in Santa Cruz.

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Evening Stretch

Unwind at the end of a long day.

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Exercise at its Best

Emile offers effective, enjoyable, creative full-body workouts enhanced with story-telling from years of travel, laced with humor in a happy, comfortable environment. “Twenty years ago, I fell in love with connecting mind and body through conscious breathing and core activation.”

We have a warm community of students of various ages from different parts of the U.S. — and the world — who enjoy seeing each other, improving fitness, and escaping for an hour from daily stresses. No competition — just friendly, spirited sessions of guided Pilates.

Pilates can really help with:

Back Pain, Neck Pain and Rehabilitation


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