Mindful Movement

Polarity, Pilates, and Surfing

Pilates, Surfing and Wellness.

Pilates classes, Surf and Polarity Therapy.

A thoughtful way to help your mind and body feel great.

Surf Stretches, Breathing, and Mindfulness through Pilates

I help busy people of all walks of life breathe, and relax while working on balance and core strength as well as helping the body work as a whole. Being immersed in health and wellness myself I want to share my good vibes and knowledge of Pilates to help surfers and all busy people to turn down the noise, take some time for ourselves to feel good. I custom choreograph all sessions at Studio Emilio to help clients reach their goals in a safe and fun environment.

Pilates can really help with:

Back Pain, Neck Pain and Rehabilitation

Polarity Therapy can really help with:

Supporting the body and minds ability to heal itself and operate as a whole

It involves: work on a treatment table using the hands to relieve tension and help energy come into balance; It also can involve dialogue and helpful communication: nutritional guidance and stretching

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